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Apostle Douglas McGaughey

President and Founder Harmony International Ministries

Vision of

Apostle Doug McGaughey 2017

On or about January 1, 2017, Apostle Doug McGaughey had a vision of a long caravan that consisted of dignitaries and kings mounted on camels with an abundance of supplies. They were directed by the Holy Spirit to take this journey without instruction as to where they were going when they would stop (much like the caravan in the Christmas Story), but it was modern times. I was a part of the caravan, as well as an observer of the caravan. At a certain point, the caravan (directed by God) was prompted to stop. It was in a very desolate location, not near any visible cities. The apparent leader was dressed in several shades of green. As he dismounted, everyone else followed. At that point, I recognized many people, among them associates and leaders that I am well acquainted with. Also represented were several female prophets. All the ministry gifts were represented in the travelers. The Spirit instructed distribution of the goods to begin. First the king that was dressed in green began to hand out beautiful swords that represented great authority to nations. Following suit, other individuals began handing out beautiful and authoritative swords to individuals, representing equipping for the work of the ministry. There was a sense among us, an anticipation, of great Christian accomplishment. The authority and great blessings were dispensed by the Spirit as there was no one else present other than the participants in the caravan. I was left with great joy and hope for the future.


Networking With A Purpose



Harmony Conference October 6-8. 2017

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It promises to be a rewarding time of fellowship, ministry and insight.


Christian Life Fellowship Church

is a non-denominational body of born-again and spirit-filled believers. We are a worship-centered church, which believes in the equipping of the saints through the five-fold ministry (Eph 4:11-16).  We are happy to share God's love, peace and joy with you today.



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